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Web, Apps & Design:

Our work extends from building aesthetically pleasing websites to functional and intuitive apps. We understand that every pixel counts when it comes to creating a superior user experience. Our dedicated team of designers and developers focuses on delivering custom digital products that not only meet, but exceed your expectations in both design and functionality.

Systems & APIs:

With deep technical insight, we develop advanced systems and create custom API solutions that contribute to a powerful and seamless technical infrastructure for your business. Our goal is to create integrations that not only improve the internal workflow but also enhance the overall user experience for your customers.

Maintenance & DevOps:

Operation and availability are critical aspects of any online service. We offer comprehensive maintenance and DevOps services to ensure that your application handles traffic peaks and loads with ease. By implementing best practices and modern technologies, we keep your operational environment stable and ready for expansion at any time.

Each project is managed with a commitment to quality and an eye for detail, and we strive to build long-term relationships with our clients based on trust and successful outcomes. Whether it’s a turnkey website, a mobile app that captures your target audience’s attention, or a custom API that catalyzes your operations, Aivaton stands ready to lead your project to success.

Products by Aivaton

QR7 – Dynamics in Communication Flows

Our QR7 solutions include dynamic QR codes that not only enhance interaction with your brand but also provide valuable data through advanced reporting and analytics. This enables customized and optimized communication flows as well as simpler and more intuitive navigation for users.

Aika – Agility in Time and Billing

Aika is our time reporting system directly linked to billing processes. Created to serve our own administrative needs first and foremost, AIKA offers an efficient solution for other businesses seeking simplicity and precision in managing time and finances.

Certificates – Advancement through Verification

Our system for shareable certificates opens new possibilities for businesses to verify and certify knowledge in an optimized way. It facilitates the recognition of achievements and contributes to continuous professional development.

A Step Forward with Learnifier

In our pursuit to constantly offer added value, Aivaton has entered into an exciting partnership with the Nordic region’s leading learning platform. Through this partnership, we create synergies that take both learning and certification to the next level. To explore how Learnifier can bring value to your digital learning experience, click here to read more.

At Aivaton, the integrity and security of the systems we develop are central aspects of our work. Our technical expertise is applied in creating robust solutions that protect user data and meet GDPR’s rigorous standards. We follow best practices for data protection and system architecture to ensure that our clients’ information is handled with the utmost care and security. For a deeper insight into our work with security protocols and data protection, visit our security and data protection page.

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