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Delningsbart certifikat

Aivaton’s Integration with Learnifier

Aivaton is excited to announce our collaboration with Learnifier, one of the leading digital education platforms in the Nordics. Through this partnership, we are now able to offer shareable certificates to individuals completing courses on the Learnifier platform. This addition is an example of how we blend our technical expertise with innovative solutions to enhance the digital learning experience.

Benefits of Shareable Certificates:

  • Recognition of Knowledge: Upon course completion, users can obtain a certificate affirming their newly acquired knowledge and skills.
  • Professional Development: These certificates can aid in career advancement, as they can be showcased to employers and included in professional portfolios.
  • Network Sharing: The certificates are designed for easy sharing on social networks or professional platforms like LinkedIn, allowing users to highlight their achievements and expand their professional network.
  • Motivation and Engagement: Obtaining a certificate can serve as motivation for users and encourage them to pursue ongoing learning and development.
  • Digital Accessibility: As the certificates are digital, they are always accessible online, which means that users can easily access and display their qualifications anywhere, anytime.

Through Aivaton’s partnership with Learnifier, we are taking a step forward in further emphasizing the importance of continuous learning and providing our users with the tools they need to successfully navigate their career and educational goals. We look forward to the many opportunities this collaboration opens up for current and future Learnifier users.

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